Agriculture in Albania employs 47.8% of the population,
and about 24.31%of the area is used for agriculture
The main agricultural products in Albania include fruits, including oranges, lemons, figs, grapes, vegetables such as olives, wheat, corn, potatoes, but also sugar beets, honey, dairy and natural medicine products, and aromatic plants (spices).
Albanian wines are characterized by exceptional sweetness and there are a multitude of native varieties.
Albania has one of the longest wine-growing histories in Europe. Why fruit and vegetables from Albania? - there are two production seasons a year, one in spring, which runs from March to June, and the other, the so-called autumn which is in full bloom from September to December. This is possible due to the appropriate climate. In addition, mainly natural fertilizers are used on the crops, which makes fruit and vegetables from that area attractive.
Albania recognizes the unique role of safe drinking water and sanitation,in supporting quality of life and economic development. Albania upholds the practical reality that water should be treated in such a way that it is valued as a product - so the cost and price of obtaining it are important.
The country is striving to decentralize power and transfer ownership and responsibility for water and sewage services to the shoulders of local governments, which in turn are happy to look for new technologies and partners. ALPOL Invest offers services in this area, i.e. it is such a partner.