The company in Albania has special purpose vehicles
operating in the field of mining and sale of minerals, i.e .:
chrome ore, zinc and lead concentrate, bitumen, bituminous sand,
iron concentrate, ferronickel.
Albania: 28,000 km2. What is on the surface, everyone can see: politicians, smugglers, turbo folk ...
In relation to its surface area, the territory of Albania is extremely rich in metals and non-metals, oil, gas and groundwater. Albania used to be third in the world in terms of chromium production, after South Africa and Russia. Prior to 1990, the emphasis was on metals, coal, and now the trend has turned in favor of non-metals, decorative stones, clay, plaster, gravel, etc.
Considerable mineral wealth allows for the development of mining, which, however, requires significant modernization and additional investment. The mines are: copper, iron and nickel chromium ores, crude oil, bitumen, natural gas, coal and bauxite.