The tourism industry is concentrated along the
Adriatic and Ionian coasts
The coast of the Ionian Sea has the most beautiful and cleanest beaches and is often called the „Albanian Riviera”.
The Albanian coastline is 360 kilometers long. The coast has a special character as it is rich in varieties of sandy beaches, coves, lagoons, small pebble beaches, sea caves, etc.
Some parts of this coast are very ecologically clean, very rare in the Mediterranean area. Albania is a very interesting market in terms of investment. The prices are very attractive and the growth potential is huge.
No sector of the economy is closed to foreign investors, and thus the purchase of real estate. There is no need for foreign entities intending to invest in Albania to obtain special governmental permits, there are no restrictions on the participation of a foreign entity in a given venture, they can be 100% foreign capital.
We offer hotels, apartments, plots for logistics and agricultural lands for sale.